Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Women Lead Ecommerce Trends

It is often thought that when it comes to the Internet, computers, and Ecommerce men are the real drivers. The truth is, women drive these trends. These days businesses selling products online understand these facts and take these factors into account. Ecommerce is now being modeled after the behavioral characteristics of women, including how they shop. Also, the Internet allows women to work from home by starting and managing their own businesses.

Leading the Race are Women

Statistics show that over the last decade women have spent more time online than men. The ratio of men to women using the Internet for shopping used to be pretty equal, but today, women are "out buying" men at a ratio of two to one. Because of this, many e-businesses have re-worked their strategies.

It's increasingly common to now see Ecommerce web pages designed specifically to attract women. Big business is taking notice of products, colors, and styles that are more favorable to women.

The Numbers Reveal the Truth

Websites have more traffic from female shoppers. These shoppers spend more time on this site and also tend to spend more It's estimated that $5 trillion will be spent over the next five years by an estimated 1 billion female shoppers worldwide. Only a foolish web entrepreneur would ignore the fact that women make up more than half the population and spend more than half of all money.